A Metal Organic Framework with Spherical Protein Nodes: Rational Chemical Design of 3D Protein Crystals

JACS Communication August 2015: Abstract

Pamela A. Sontz, Jake B. Bailey, Sunhyung Ahn, and F. Akif Tezcan

    We describe here the construction of a three-dimensional, porous, crystalline framework formed by spherical protein nodes that assemble into a prescribed lattice arrangement through metal–organic linker-directed interactions. The octahedral iron storage enzyme, ferritin, was engineered in its C3 symmetric pores with tripodal Zn coordination sites. Dynamic light scattering and crystallographic studies established that this Zn-ferritin construct could robustly self-assemble into the desired bcc-type crystals upon coordination of a ditopic linker bearing hydroxamic acid functional groups. This system represents the first example of a ternary protein–metal–organic crystalline framework whose formation is fully dependent on each of its three components.

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